Tuesday, 7 September 2010

4NCL & The Spirit of Atticus

John Carleton
We are pleased to announce that a 'Spirit of Atticus' team has been entered for the new Northern 4NCL which has been advertised on our website over the previous few months.

We regard the Northern 4NCL as an exciting development which will hopefully grow in the forthcoming years and will counter the southern drift which has gradually afflicted the mainline event. We also see the entry of an Atticus team into the competition as a very natural development.

The team has been entered under the captaincy of John Carleton and if you might be interested in playing some or all of the matches please contact him on (0151) 724 4515 or email John directly. The 'Spirit of Atticus' team is open to any interested party wishing to be available for selection.

We look forward to playing competitive chess under pleasant conditions and a civilised time limit, although it must be admitted that all time limits tend towards the uncivilised once chess players get involved!

The format is the same as the main 4NCL, viz. each weekend hosts a game on Saturday afternoon/evening [start 2:00pm] and a game on Sunday morning/afternoon [start 11:00am]. The normal pattern for the games 'at a distance' is for competitors to stay overnight on the Saturday at the venue at the reasonable rates negotiated by the organisers but it is not uncommon for players to play on just one of the days of the weekend.

The weekends to be used are the same as for the 4NCL itself, and details may be found on the 4NCL site or see Mike Truran's contact on our homepage.