Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ratticus Norvegicus

There are an estimated 70 million rats in the UK, which roughly equates to one for every person. They're often seen in places where rubbish is lying around, in drains, sewers and outbuildings. They're also found in rural areas and are becoming a serious nuisance. They have also contaminated some areas of Liverpool.

As well as creating structural damage, rats pose a health risk because of the diseases they carry such as salmonella, E.coli and Tuberculosis. They also have ticks, mites, fleas, b.o. and bad breath. It is therefore imperative that you protect yourself from these pests or you’ll find yourself with a big problem.

It is said that at any one time, no person in Britain is more than nine metres away from a rat. During match nights at one chess club in Liverpool this decreases to one metre. Reason: The Club has been infested by rats. These rats can lie, deceive and spread falsehoods about fellow members. There are even cases of rats using computers to spread propaganda and twisted versions of reality for the gullible to injest. Their poison is dangerous so take great care. These rats rarely marry but they do form themselves into groups to comfort one another, drink copious amounts of beer and plot against the innocent.

However, smart people such as rat catchers with no more than the slightest whiff of their stench take immediate and permanent action. They set traps which these pesky vermin fall into, giving rat catchers the upper hand. This is a most gratifying outcome and can rid an area of these hazardous and selfish vermin once and for all.